Wazifa for husband to come back home

Wazifa for husband to come back home – Dua prayer to bring or come back husband home in Islam method

Wazifa for husband to come back home:

Are you stunned because your husband announced to you that he is no more in love with you? Or he is upset and highly displeased with you? Or that he wants to stay far away from you? No problem, we have brought you some important tips & Islamic prayer & wazifa for husband. After performing the Quranic dua & wazifa for husband to come back home you will get outstanding results.

Dua for husband to come back to me:

Dua wazifa to bring husband back

The holy Quran has immense benefits, blessings & healing power in it. It is a source of guidance and cure for it’s believers. If you are struck in matrimonial adversities & are unable to come out of it, seek help from Almighty Allah. You may ask for Allah’s help through various Islamic prayers, duas and wazaif. A muslim should never show his negligence in asking assistance from Allah. Muslim prayer for your husband to come back home is given in the next section.

Dua for husband come back:

It is the natural tendency of a men to take revenge from the one who hurts him. When you ruin the self-esteem of a man his anger reaches to a peak. Unfortunately, there is no joy in broken husband and wife relationships. The ultimate sufferers will be the children. At least, in order to keep up the family balanced you should take radical measures and also perform dua for husband come back.

Muslim Prayer for my husband to come back home:

When you find that all the doors are shut you fill find the way in prayers. The muslim prayer for husband to come back home will help you relieve your stress. The step by step procedure to perform the prayer for your husband to return home is:

  • After your zohar prayer be in the state of Ablution.
  • Light the rose or lavender incense.
  • Recite “Surah FATIHA” in the following way with the intensity that you may hear.
  • When You reach the verse “iyyaaka na’budu wa iyyaaka nastae’en” ,  repeat it for 101 times.
  • Likewise, recite the Surah Fatiha for 11 times.
  • By the will of Allah, Within 2 to 3 weeks you will hear the good news.

Powerful wazifa to bring husband back:

It is the prayer that gives strenght, comfort & hope to muslims. Without prayers the life of muslims would have become very depressing.  Many people do not understand the term wazifa. It is very simple arabic word. Enchanting some of the verses or duas persistently for a particular number of times is referred to wazifa. I highly recommend to the nervous wives to get themselves engaged with the wazifa for bring husband back.  In order to get success you should patiently & constantly keep performing it. You should have full concentration while practicing it.

Islamic Dua for husband to come back home :

Additionally implement these tips which I am mentioning here.

  • You too might have got hurt by your husband. Just keep all his painful words aside for a moment & talk to him.
  • Don’t elaborate your speech as you may end up talking something that would worsen the situation still more.
  • Furthermore, ask forgiveness from him. Say him “Sorry”.
  • Talk to him with a smile on your face.
  • Don’t express him that you are angry.
  • Tell him that you are missing him and ask him politely to come back home.
  • Also make dua for husband to come back home quickly.
Short Wazifa for husband come back :

Another short wazifa which you can do for your husband to come back home is presented here.


This is one of the names of Alighty Allah. It’s meaning is “The Preventor”. You can take help from this Asma e husna to prevent separation and to bring your husband back soon. The method to perform the Short Wazifa for husband come back soon is as follows:

  • Recite Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Read the above mentioned name of ALLAH 2000 times.
  • Keep an imagination that Allah will prevent your husband from getting separated from you.
  • Once again read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times.
  • Make dua to Allah to bring your husband back to you soon.
  • By the will of Allah, within few days your husband will be back with you.


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