Wazifa for enemies

Surah kausar jalali Powerful wazifa for enemies from Quran


In order to protect Your children, wealth and all Your belongings from enemies perform this wazifa for enemies The method is as follows :

”Bismillahiladhii laa yaDurru ma’ ismihii shaiun filardi walaa fissamaaaee wa huwas samii-u’l a’leem”

Recite the above written dua 3 times in the morning and evening, You will be protected and no one can harm You according to a hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It is a short but very effective wazifa for protection of Your wealth and children.


Enemies attack the work, health and relationships of a person, to make him/her fail in every way of life. It makes the person feel weak, distressed and hopeless. Many negative thoughts occupy his/her mind which sometimes leads to a tragic end i.e. Suicide. A person should not lack hope; he/she should know that ALLAH ALMIGHTY is with him/her in every moment of our life.  ALLAH has bestowed on us the gift of the Quran to teach us how to spend life and to combat the evil.  The smallest surah of Quran i.e., Surah e Kausar is the best to avoid our foes. If someone is suppressed by arrogance and want them to leave him/her alone, then he/she should do the Surah Kausar Wazifa for Enemies.


Life is full of difficulties, but not as difficult as we think or create it. Only one thing we should do is to believe in ALLAH ALMIGHTY. He has given us all the knowledge we need, in His book Quran, to get through all the difficulties of our life. If anyone is facing problems created by his/her enemies and don’t know what to do, then he/she should turn to the Quran and do this prayer and wazifa for enemies in Quran. This wazifa will definitely help to get rid of all the enemies from one’s life. Rather of being distressed, do this wazifa and believe in it. The only thing you need to do is to have faith. Keep faith in ALLAH and wazifa you do, and you will find the results you need. Sometimes it takes time, but if you do it regularly with faith then you shall definitely get what you want.


In this universe of Almighty Allah, there are two types of persons found. One person is your friend and the other one is your enemy. A friend is sincere to you but your enemy is not good for you. An enemy is someone who hates you; someone who attacks you or tries to harm you. He does not want to see you happy in your life. Nor does he likes to see you rejoicing over the bounties of Almighty Allah. He wants to take you down by some or the other way. But making powerful wazifa for enemies is a powerful solution to deal with stubborn enemies.


When a person has no way out from his/her problems and bad people who give him/her negative thoughts and everything is out of his/her control, then he/she should do this Jalali wazifa for enemies mentioned here and IN SHA ALLAH will find results very soon. This dua is very helpful and powerful in every way to keep your enemies away and also to remove them completely from your life. All you have to do is to be punctual and believe in it. Regular prayers and jalali wazifa for enemies will definitely lead you to the desired results.


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