Wazifa for deafness

Influential Wazifa for deafness loss treatment and cure


Hearing impairment, deafness, or hearing loss refers to the inability to hear things, either totally or partially. Symptoms may be mild, moderate, severe or profound. A patient with mild hearing impairment may have problems understanding speech, especially if there is a lot of noise around, while those with moderate deafness may need a hearing aid. Some people are severely deaf and depend on lip-reading when communicating with others. 


People who are profoundly deaf can hear nothing at all. In order to communicate spontaneously and rapidly with people, they are totally reliant on lip-reading and/or sign language. People who are born deaf find lip-reading much harder to learn compared to those who became hearing impaired after there had learned to communicate orally (with sounds). 


The spiritual wazifa for deafness treatment is as follows:


Ingredients Required:

  1. Onion juice 2 table spoon
  2. Mint leaves juice two table spoon
  3. Roghan kanjad 2 table-spoon. This will be available in any pinsar store.

The person who can not listen or have listening problems may face many hardships in communication. However, Islam recommends solution pf every problem. Therefore, if a person follows this procedure it can be helpful.


  • Mix all these and keep it on the gas stove for boiling. When onion juice and mint juice is absorbed in roghan kanjad, take it off the stove. Store it in a dropper.
  • Read this verse for 313 times along with Durood-e-Shareef 11 times before and after and blow on the liquid.
  • Put 1 drop of it in the morning and 1 drop in the evening.
  • In sha ALLAH after 7 days, you will start seeing results.
  • This is the procedure of Wazifa for deafness cure.


If some person has difficulty in hearing then he must read Wazifa and this verse for 7 times daily and blow it on his ears. In sha ALLAH Soon his hearing power will increase.

وَإِذَا قُرِءَ الْقُرْآنُ فَاسْتَمِعُوا لہَُ وَأَنْصِتُوا لَعَلّکَُمْ تُرْحَمُون(الاعراف 204)َ


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4 thoughts on “Wazifa for deafness”

  • Salaam,
    Is mixture ko hume fridge mai rakhna hai ya nahi. Kya ye wazifa bachcho ke liye bhi hai. Main ye mere bete pe ker rahi hun Jo saat saal Ka hai aur jiski achanak ek kaan ki sunai chali gayi.
    Dua kariye ke usey shafa ho.

    • salaam

      Ji han frige mein rakhsakte hain. 7 saal ke bache ke liye bhi karsakte hain.

      Yeh bhi Behtar hai ke kisi ache doctor se mashwara karke batayi gayi dawa par wo wazifa padhkar istemal karein.

  • mera beta 10 months ka usko sunayi nahi de raha hai kabhi lagta hai ki sunta hai awaaz aur kbhi nhi kya karu pls give me advice.

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