Wazifa for child

Wazifa for child born – Wazifa for child health born to stop from drinking or weaning breast milk.


Almighty Allah says in the Quran: 

وَالْوَالِدَاتُ یُرْضِعْنَ أَوْلَادَھُنَّ حَوْلَینِ کامِلَینِ ۔ لِمَنْ أَرَادَ أَنْ یُتِمَّ الرَّضَاعۃَ۔

فَإِنْ أَرَادَا فِصَالًا عَنْ تَرَاضٍ مِنْھُمَا وَتَشَاوُرٍ فَلَا جُنَاحَ عَلَیھِمَ۔(البقرۃ233)

” And mothers shall breast-feed their children for two full years – for those who wish to complete the term of milk feeding;    Then if the parents desire to wean the child by mutual consent and consultation, it is no sin for them; “(Surah Baqarah Verse 233)

وَفِصَالُہُ فِیْ عَامَیْنِ(لقمان14)

“And his suckling is up to two years” (Surah Luqmaan verse 14)


These verses are for first, last and middle all children. The maximum duration of breastfeeding a child is 2 years. If parents wish to wean a child off milk before 2 years they can do it too. If you want to wean a child from milk or the child is facing difficulty in stopping from milk then perform this powerful effective wazifa for child weaning.

  • Read AL MUTEENU 12 times and blow on some eatable and feed it to the child.
  • In Sha ALLAH he will soon stop from drinking breast milk.


If some child keeps on crying and does not drink milk, then do this wazifa for child not drinking milk:


  • Write this verse on one a piece of paper and tie it in the neck of the child  (OR)
  • write it on an empty vessel and pour water in it, then give this water to the child for drinking.
  • In Sha ALLAH he will start drinking milk.

سُبحٰنَ رَبِّکَ رَبِّ العِزَّۃِ عَمَّا یَصِفُونَ(الصّٰفّٰت 180)



  • If some child does not drink milk then write this verse on a paper and tie it in his neck.
  • In sha ALLAH he will start drinking milk.

وَھٰذَاکِتَا بُُ مُصَدِّقَ لِسَا نََا عَرَبِیََا لِیُنذِرَ الَّذِینَ ظَلَمُوا وَ بُشریٰ لِلمُحسِنِینَ۔ اِنَّ الَّذِینَ قَالُوا رَبُّنَا ثُمَّ استَقَامُوا فَلَا خَوفُُ عَلَیھِم وَلَا ھُم ےَحزَنُونَ ۔ اُولٰءِکَ اَصحٰبُ الجَنَّۃِ خٰلِدِینَ فِیھَا جَزَاءٌ بِمَا کَانُوا یَعمّلُونَ

 This wazifa for child to stop from breast milk is very effective.

Wazifa for child born

The best amal for the childless couple who are facing problems and are unable to have a child is they should perform this prayers in the following manner:

  • Read Durood e Tanjeena once
  • Recite Surah FATIHA 11 times
  • Then read AL MUSAWWIRU 2100 times
  • Read Durood e Tanjina again
  • At last read surah FATIHA 11 times.
  • Then take 7 Ajwa dates and blow on them.

Do this wazifa for child born for 3 weeks and thereafter husband and wife must eat some bite of it on empty stomach in the morning. This will In Sha ALLAH make them blessed with the child.

Wazifa for child health

This is an old remedy and was done by ancient Arab people for having a healthy child by birth. If some couple is having only unhealthy children then to get a healthy child by birth do this fast working wazifa for child health:

  • Take seven almonds and mix them with olive oil and honey. The honey should be pure and natural.
  • Read Durood Shareef 3 times
  • Then read surah muzammil for 41 times
  • Read Durood-e-Shareef 3 times, then blow over the almonds.
  • Give this to the pregnant women to eat four times a week until the baby is born. Note:-If the women is having high blood pressure diseases please consult a doctor before doing this wazifa.

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