Wazifa for cancer cure

Quranic effective and Spiritual Wazifa for cancer cure

Wazifa for cancer cure

Cancer is a disease which is very dangerous and if it reaches a certain level it cannot be cured. This is a very common disease but still, this disease is very difficult to cure. However, if cancer is of early stages it would be cured but in the final stages, it is a miracle to cure cancer. Therefore, wazifa can help to cure this very dangerous disease.

Effective Wazifa for cancer cure

This is a very powerful and effective wazifa for cancer cure but before using it for the treatment, the spiritual healer or the person trying to cure the disease has to gain power by reciting it 8000 times a day for 40 days with consistency. Once the method is complete now he can cure cancer patients in 11 days.

Quranic Wazifa for cancer cure

The letters which he has to recite are taken from Quran and are as follows:  ” الم”

When you plan to achieve the powers of this dua you should select a room where nobody enters till 40 days until you complete your Quranic wazifa for cancer cure and burn sandalwood incense while reading.

Cut a piece of white cardboard about to a size of your palm and write on it ” الم” with a black marker and paste it in front of you. When you recite your Quranic wazifa you have to stare at the center of the paper until you complete reciting it.

Spiritual Wazifa for cancer cure

Once you have completed the spiritual wazifa and you want to treat a patient suffering from cancer you should tell him to lie down and recite the dua according to its numerical value and blow it on the person from head to toe for 11 times. Repeat it for 11 days. By doing this you will not believe that he will be completely cured. It is a little difficult to achieve the powers but is not impossible.

Chart cure

Name adad

If someone’s name is Ali then the resultant number obtained after combining the numbers of each of his Arabic letters i.e., ‘ain’  ‘laam’. & ‘yaa’ is called as the adad for name Ali.


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