Wazifa for blessings

This is the best prayer of Asma e husna to have blessing the wazifa for blessings in marriage, job, exam, operation, and everything. 

Wazifa for blessings

This is another powerful blessing prayer | wazifa for blessings and acceptance of prayers.

Isme A’aZam means the Greatest names of Allah

“Al-Samiyu’ ”Al Baseeru” .

  • Read these names of Allah for 313 times or 1100 times after asar prayer and then make dua to allah and say ””O Allah, O God of all mankind who listens and grants to everyone please help me and protect me as you are the listener and the watcher”.
  • In Sha Allah your dua will be accepted.

Wazifa for blessings in marriage

Marriage is one important event for people in their lives. It is the union of husband and wife for spending the rest of their lives together through every thick and thin. Unfortunately, many people make Wazifa for blessings in marriage or in finding the right companion. In such conditions, Islam recommends Dua for blessings in Marriage which eventually proves to be very effective.

Wazifa for blessings in job

Most people do hard work in their job and give their best to make their boss happy. But, there is no successor better outcome for that job. However, wazifa for blessings in job helps the person to get a job which has better outcome and person can get success by doing that work.

Wazifa for blessing in exam

The person faces different types of exams and test in their life. However, some person fails those test although they are fully prepared for that. Therefore, dua for success on exams helps the person to get the better result for the exam and makes them successful in the exam. Surah qalm or surah nasar are very effective wazifa for blessing in exam.

Wazifa for blessings in operation

The most crucial time for family is the time during operation. During this time the patient and family all are in tension and nervousness. Wazifa for blessing in operation helps to get successful operation and get recovery very soon.


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