Surah for protection

Best Surah for protection of house from evil eye calamities and against enemies

Why do we ask for protection? Obviously when we are in trouble or we got any threats from anyone. So if you have any life threat from any person you go police station and ask for protection. And maybe if someone is trying to put shut down your business you can also go to the police station and ask for help. But you cannot totally depend on police in this generation. Therefore, Surah for protection is another effective way to be safe.

Surah for protection of house

We cannot protect our house every time because if the enemy is not obvious and he is making his moves behind your back. Like black magic so then to whom you will go. Off course you will go to Almighty Allah to seek protection and recite Surah for protection of house so that you can be safe and harmless from the evil plot of your enemy.

Best surah for protection

Dua helps people who may feel down or face trouble due to many reasons. For instance, evil eye or magic or evil plot of enemies or many other reasons. Every human wants to be protected and live a peaceful life. Therefore, the best Surah of protection helps you to be protected from these situations. Moreover, it helps to make you energized. We should be careful of evil eye and magic and every evil thing as it will affect our daily life.

Surah for protection from evil eye

Every human wants protection from evil things as these things makes life uncomfortable and removes peace from life. However, the Surah for protection from evil eye is to ask Allah to give him protection because Allah has the power to control everything. Nevertheless, Allah answers that dua which have a good motive and true intentions.

Surah for protection from calamities

We live in a society that is surrounded by both friends and enemies. You might be trying your best to live in harmony with people, but some people will never cope up with you. They just want one or the reason to fight with you. The evil people think bad and try everything to harm you. To defend yourself from such people you should recite the Surah for protection from calamities. After you implement this surah, the person will disappear from your life. He will stop thinking of harming you further. He may even change his location and shift to some other place.

Surah for child protection

Well, imagine you have a son who is continuously sick. You go to a doctor then the doctor prescribed some medicines and the sickness is gone. But after some time your son got the same sick again. It is like sickness going but not permanently. Then you come to know that someone has done magic on your son. And now the doctor is unable to help you in this scenario. And the sickness be deadly which can take your son’s life. So that is the time when this Best surah for protection helps you and protects your son from that sickness.

Surah for protection against enemies

You know how cruel is black magic. And the effects of it are so dangerous and deadly. Now you know that your son got affected with it. And a doctor or any other person can help you in this condition. So the only option left is to get support from Almighty Allah. And Allah told us in the Quran also that when you are in trouble you should recite wazifa. And our Prophets also used to do wazifa when they were in trouble. So please recite this Surah for protection against enemy in order to protect you and your family.


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