Surah for pregnancy

Best Surah for pregnancy Surah Maryam Yusuf and Yaseen

The most difficult part of any married woman living in pregnancy. In this time, she only cares about the child she is carrying in her womb. She faces lots of challenges in this long period. But she only wants to see her child in this world. Therefore, in order to lighten her hardship and burden. Her husband or she can recite surah for pregnancy which is effective in the result and requires nothing but good intention. Pregnancy is the condition or period of being pregnant. This is not easy period for any women. Women carry a child in her womb for months. This period is very painful for any woman. Therefore, during these hard times Quranic verses for pregnancy helps women to overcome all difficulty and hardships and makes this time easy for her.

Surah Maryam for pregnancy

We have talked above about how effective Quranic Surah can be. Now we are looking through the benefits of Surah Maryam for pregnancy. Surah Maryam is located in Parah number 16. Just before Surah Taha. These both Surah are a gift from Almighty Allah to us. Espacially surah Maryam, because it has guidance and dua which are beneficial for those who wants to get rid of these type of troubles.

Best surah for pregnancy

Pregnancy period is not easy for any women because in this period women suffer lots of pain and hardships. Moreover, women also have to be safe from bad eyes or evil magic in this period. Therefore, to overcome all of these circumstances best Surah for pregnancy helps women to be protected from all negativity and helps to be relief from pain.

Surah Yusuf for pregnancy

Holy Quran contains 114 surahs. Each surah has its own significance and benefits. In parah number 12-13 Surah Yusuf is located. As of other verses, this Surah also contains lots of benefits and blessings. The most important one is of marriage, pregnancy, beauty, etc. The benefits of Surah Yusuf for pregnancy is uncountable and are result orienting. A person has to be patient and wait for Almighty to change their fortune.

Surah Yaseen for pregnancy

During a painful period of pregnancy, women face many problems. Like, back pain, bleeding, miscarriage et cetera. Every woman hopes to get normal and safe delivery without these kinds of hardship and problems. Therefore, Surah Yaseen for pregnancy and safe delivery helps to overcome pain and hardship and is effective for safe and normal delivery of a baby without any hardship.


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