Surah for marriage proposal

Surah Ahzab Mumtahina Islamic Surah for marriage proposal online in Urdu

Marriage is an occasion on which a man asks for the hand of women for marriage. When the proposal is accepted, it is termed as engagement. In this, both the persons make a promise to marry each other. Therefore, If your marriage is getting delayed and you are not getting any good proposals, the Islamic dua and Surah for marriages proposal will be helpful to you in this critical situation of the marriage.

Surah Ahzab for marriage proposal

The Surah Ahzab for marriage proposals will benefit you in the following ways.

  1. It will get you the right soulmate.
  2. Moreover, the Surah will make the marriage process easy.
  3. It will create your love in your would-be partner for marriage.
  4. Furthermore, the Surah will clear hurdles in marriage if any.
  5. Delayed marriage problems will end.
  6. Helps in acceptance of marriage

Surah for marriage proposal in Urdu

Shadi aisi tehwaar hai jisme lrka lrki ka shadi k liye haath maangta hai. Agar uski baat pakki hojaati hai toh mangni karadi jaati hai. Isme dono lrka aur lrki shadi ka waada krte hain. Agar shadi mai koi rukaawat ka saamna horha hai ya phir aapko shadi k liye ache rishte nhi aarahe. To iss surat mai Surah shadi k rishte k liye in Urdu faida pohancha skti hai.

Surah for marriage proposal online

In the terminology of Islam, dua literally meaning invocation is an act of supplication. So, the person can find any kind of Surah dua for any sector of life online, by searching the problem and getting the best reference of Surah. However, Surah for marriage proposal online sometimes does effect because there are several wrong references. Therefore, the person can find the right Surah for marriage proposals for creating love between them.

Surah Mumtahina for marriage proposals

This Surah Mumtahina for marriage proposals illustrates from its name that it is for the worried girls. Howeve, if a girl’s age is increasing and she wants to get married she may perform the upcoming Wazifa & dua. Therefore, the girl who wants to get married should do this wazifa and dua. If the girl’s parents wish to perform on her behalf they may go with the method explained in Surah for marriages section.

Islamic Surah for marriage proposal

The Islamic Surah for marriage proposal is to get your desired person to marry you. If you like some person you should marry quickly; Because marriage is allowed in Islam but relationships without marriage are not. If you stay within the limits of Islam, perform wazifa and make dua to ALLAH for the fulfillment of your wish he will create better means for you.


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