Spell To Get My Ex Back Now

Spell To Get My Ex Back Now Free Spells to bring your ex

1). Spell to get my ex back now:

Did your ex-love turn away from you? Is he no more interested in marrying you? The promise is broken but still, feelings are alive? The powerful spell to get my ex back now will help you to achieve your goal. This spell will bring back your special person as a life partner. It will make him/her bind with you in a legal contract i.e., marriage. Beware that these spells should not be done on a married person. If you feel that your ex has gone away due to some misunderstandings or small fights, then you should take a chance to cast Islamic spell to get your ex back. You will get back you ex-love soon with the will of ALLAH. This is the best medicine to heal broken hearts.

2). Free spells to get your ex back fast:

Did the person whom who liked walked away? But that is not the end of your feelings. You might still be having a love for him/her in your heart. Love is a kind of energy which does not fade away quickly. You do not have to grieve over it. The free spells to get your ex back fast will empower you. It will give life to your broken feelings. Here we are discussing some of the methods for you.

 Bring my ex-back spell with candles:

The ingredients you need to cast bring my ex back spell is:

  • A White, red & a Pink Candle.
  • Plain sheet.
  • Pen.
  • Picture of your lover.

 How to cast get my ex back now spell:

To cast this spell, select an empty, peaceful room. Perform this ritual of getting my ex back now spell during waxing moon period. The spells will be more effective during this period of time.

  1. Begin the ritual by writing the name of your ex on the white sheet of paper.
  2. Light the red & pink candles and place them at the upper corners side of the paper.
  3. And finally, light the white one and place it in the lower middle region of the sheet.
  4. Now recite this prayer to bring ex back for 1111 times. “Wherever you are ALLAH will bring you out”.
  5. Blow it on the paper and on the photo.
  6. Now wrap these both in a cloth to form a box-like pack.
  7. You should visualize that your lover is developing love & coming back to you.
  8. After you finish this get my ex back now spell ritual, bury the pack in a safe place.
  9. Your ex will start paying attention towards you within a short span of time.

3. Spell to get my ex back now:

You come across many curves of life in which you face some unexpected incidents. Many times such situations occur for no reason, And they leave a deep impact on you. You feel completely broken and sad when you lose someone who is very dear to you. I advise you not to lose your hope and seriously perform the spell to get my ex back now. The spells that you should recite are: ” O ALLAH, the ever-living, the highest, make my problem easy by your mercy”. You should enchant for 786 times for 11 consecutive days.

4. Get your ex back spell free:

This spell works to benefit you and your partner. It does not harm your lost partner in any way. This will just make him think of you again; And creates positive thoughts about you in his mind. The spell will make him neglect your past mistakes. Get your ex back spell will open the heart of your partner for you. He will become your true soulmate. The spell also clears blockages that are keeping you & your love from binding into the everlasting relationship of marriage.

To cast this charm you need the following


  • An envelope.
  • Fresh rosemary.
  • A coin.
  • Marker

How to cast get my ex back spell?

To begin with, this ritual writes your ex’ name on the coin with the marker.

  1. Recite the name of ALLAH, Ya Jamiu (The Gatherer) 1111 times along with Durood thrice before and after.
  2. Blow it on the coin.
  3. Insert it in the envelope and cover it with rosemary leaves.
  4. Seal it and hide it in your house.
  5. Do not reveal it to anyone.
  6. It is better if you enchant this on the full moon night. This is a particularly good time for casting rituals.

5. Get back together spell:

You feel very lost and lonely when your partner gets out of your life. All the other pleasures of the world seem dull and boring. This spell will help you get back your love. The energetic nature of this prayer will retrieve back your lost love towards you. Get back together spell functions by creating harmony & peace. It will bind you into a love bond of marriage. When you keep implementing it regularly, it saves your relationship from conflicts & breakups.

Even small little fights & misunderstandings could end up your relationships. You need to avoid such negative thoughts to maintain your relationship. However, explanation and confrontations are the ways to deal with. But sometimes even these fail. When you have no options left, you have the only choice of performing Islamic dua & wazifa to get back with your ex. To bring your ex back soon you should recite the ayat e kareema 1000 times daily for 21 consecutive days and pray to ALLAH. During this span, your lover will return back to you.

6. Concluding spell to get my ex back now:

All these spells to get your ex back now are the forms of white magic. No black magic or witchcraft is involved in these. These spells do not interfere with the personal will of other persons nor does it ruin their thinking ability. After implementing these rituals you may get one of the possible outcomes. Your ex will come back to you or not. In case of failure, you may contact us for further support & services.

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