Rohaniyat course

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This Rohaniyat course of “what is the spirit or soul” contains a total of 8 classes. Students can take classes according to their convenience. Duration of this course is a maximum of 2 months. Students can even complete the course in lesser duration if they wish. Is Rohaniyat course mein rooh kya hai aur isse mutalliq bohat saari cheeze (rooh ka ilm) sikhayi jayengi.

Rohaniyat course

The female teaching staff is also available for ladies students. This course is conducted online.

In this course the following topics will be taught and discussed:

  • What is the meaning of control over supernatural creatures jinns?
  • How to take control over jinns ( supernatural creatures)?
  • What are the benefits of taking control over jinns?
  • Are there any harmful effects of taking control over jinns?
  • Amal of Rohaniyat course how to see a jinn will be taught.
  • If you wish to talk with jinns the method of its Amliyaat will be taught.
  • If you wish to make friendship with jinns its method will also be taught.
  • Its applications will be taught.
  • If you wish to take jinns under your control, then its method will also be taught.
  • You want to find out whether any jinn in present in some house, factory or at someplace then its method will be taught.
  • If some person is affected by a jinn then what must be done so as to protect him from the mischievous of jinn will be taught.
  • Which duas and wazifas to read, how to read, when to read, in what quantity to read, and the method of their application will be taught and practicals will also be conducted.
  • We will also be conducting a test on all that which we would have taught to the students.



  1. Every Muslim can do this course.
  2. You will also be given such a powerful spiritual practice of duas and wazifas which has been practiced continuosly and transferred to us by our pious elders. This will be a tested practice and you will easily get results without working too much on it. Our elders have done lot of hard work upon it, we just act upon the method shown to us by our elders so that we would get some portion of fruit from their efforts.


Rooh Kya Hai | Rooh Ka Ilm | Rohaniyat Course :

Khwateen ke liye ladies teachers bhi maujood hain. Yeh course online hai.

Is course me yeh sab cheezein sikhayi aur batayi jayengi:

  • Rohaniyat kya hai aur kisko kehte hain?
  • Rooh kya hai aur kisko kehte hain?
  • Rohaniyat aur Amliyat mein farq.
  • Rohaaniyat kis tarah hasil ki jasakti hai?
  • Rohaniyat ke kya kya fawaid hain?
  • Kya Rohaniyat ke nuqsanaat bhi hain?
  • Rohaniyat ko badhane wale duayein aur wazaif sikhaye aur bataye jayenge.
  • Is course se apko taskheer bhi hasil hogi jisse log apki taraf musakhar (farmabardar) hojayenge.
  • Rohaniyat se apko taskheer e khalaiq bhi hasil hogi, isi ke zariye ap kisi bhi cheez ko musakhar (farmabardaar) kar sakenge.
  • Is rohaniyat course se apko taskheer e moakkilaat bhi hasil hogi, isi ke zariye aap muakkilaat ko musakhar (farmabardar) kar sakenge.
  • Rohaniyat course se apko taskheer e arwaah bhi hasil hogi. Isi ke zariye ap rooh ko musakhar (farmabardar) karsakenge.
  • Apko ilm e kashaf bhi hasil hoga isi ke zariye apko bohat si poshida baton ka ilm hasil hojayega.
  • Zikr wa azkaar karaye jayenge jo buzurgon se seena ba seena chale aarahe hain.
  • Zikr e qalbi, zikr e roohi, zikr e sirri, zikr e khafi, zikr e ikhfa, zikr e nafsi, zikr e qalbi.
  • Aisi ahadith mubaraka jinko padhkar yani un wazaif ko padhkar jannat mein jana bohat hi aasaan hojayega. Note: Baat hadith mein khud maujood hai.
  • Istighfar shareef.
  • Hizbul bah’r.
  • Dalail khairaat sharef.
  • Chahal kaaf shareef.
  • Duayein aur wazaif kaunse padhne hain kis tarah padhne hain, kab padhne hain kitni tadad mein padhne hain aur inko istemal karne ke tareeqakar aur practical bhi karaya jayega.
  • Jo kuch humne apko is Rohaniyat course mein sikhaya aur bataya hoga iska hum imtihan (test) bhi lenge.


  1. Yeh course har musalman karsakta hai.
  2. Duayein, wazaif aur amliyat bakhshe bhi jayenge yani aisa amal jo seena ba seena chala aaraha hota hai, bohat aazmaya huwa hota hai, mehnat kiye begair is amal se kaam liya jasakta hai. Is amal par hamare badon ne bohat mehnat ki hai, hum apne badon ke bataye huwe tareeqon par amal karenge take inki mehnat ke phal ka kuch hissa hamein bhi mile.

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Jo hazarat amliyat, taweezat, talismat sikhna chahte hain wo bhi humse rabta karsakte hain.

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