Quranic wazifa for marriage

This is the most powerful Quranic Surah Fatiha Ya Qahhar wazifa for marriage purpose.

Powerful Quranic wazifa for marriage:

Marriage problems have become very common these days. People tend to fall in love with someone & get embarrassed when they won’t find any way for success in marriage. Unfortunately, few people visit fake amils who use either the black magic practices that are forbidden in Islam or who just collect money without performing any amal. In this post, we are telling you the method of performing the powerful Quranic wazifa for marriage dua for marriage success.

Ya Qahhar wazifa for love marriage

The Quran has a solution to all problems of life. Although every surah has its own importance and prestige, there are some special verses which can speed up in bringing success.

So this is the highly effective Ya Qahhar wazifa for marriage to resolve your marriage problems.

Surah Fatiha, Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman, Surah Maryam, Surah Anfal, Surah Ahad

    • Recitation of these surahs in the form of a wazifa just even once daily can bring outstanding results.
    • Remember to read Durood-e-Shareef 11 times before and after.
    • Do this practice till fulfillment of your desire.
Surah Quranic Wazifa for marriage 

Some of the other benefits of surah Quranic wazifa for marriage apart from success in love marriage are below

Surah Fatiha wazifa for marriage: This is the first surah in the Holy Quran. We recite it in our prayers every day. It has great importance. It is useful in acceptance of our supplications. Curing of diseases and illness. Fulfillment of needs and desires etc. Surah Fatiha wazifa for marriage is very effective

Surah Yaseen: Reading this surah once is equivalent to reciting the complete Holy Quran for 10 times. This is a means of forgiveness & intercession for the recitor. It removes the difficulties & sorrows. It fulfills the wishes of it’s reader.

Surah Rahman: This is called the great surah of the Holy Quran. However, It removes all the afflictions from its recitor. It is useful in curing dangerous diseases such as cancer, depression, mental illness, hepatitis, etc. Therefore, Can be used as quranic wazifa for marriage to solve marriage problems.

Surah Maryam: This surah has a close relation to Hazrat Maryam salamun a’laiha. This is useful in the protection and safety of house. Helpful for women not having children. Also very effective in speeding marriage process.

Surah Anfal: Whoever recites this surah stays protected from hypocrisy. His hardships and problems will go away. He becomes pious.

Surah Ahad: Reading this surah 3 times is equivalent to reciting the Quran once. However, This is useful in purifying the heart. Eliminating troubles and diseases. Fulfillment of wishes. Getting the love of ALLAH. Therefore, Empowering the faith. Receiving goodness of this world & hereafter.


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