Prayer to destroy enemy

Prayer to destroy enemy – Prayer to destroy enemy defeat attack rebuke household

We all have friends and enemy. Friends are people who are opposite of enemies whom we can trust. We know that they won’t hurt us no matter what. Whereas enemy is people who try to bring harm to us verbally, emotionally or physically. We can’t trust our enemies for anything and we should keep the enemies out of our life with the help of Prayer to destroy enemy because they can do anything in their hatred and jealousy.

Prayer to defeat the enemy

An enemy can be anyone; your best friend who started hating you because you got married into a really nice family and wants to separate you from your husband/wife, a  jealous relative who can’t stand your new luxury house, a colleague who’s too jealous of your promotion or your neighbor because of your job, new car, or simply because you are happy with your life. And let’s not forget the In-Laws who hate you for no reason, turns into your enemy wants to destroy you or literally want to kill you. You can take help of Muslim Prayer to defeat the enemy to nullify their evil effects.

Prayer against enemy attack

There are many powerful duas and powerful Prayer against enemy attack power that one can implement. Prayer can change anything. It is the most powerful weapon of a believer. No matter how much stronger our enemy is no matter how much power the enemy has, we should utilize this weapon (prayer) and ask for Allah’s help as He alone is the One who has power over everything.

Prayer against household enemy

You should not perform this prayer on the person who does not deserve otherwise you will be the sufferer. It is necessary to take permission from us before doing this practice. This can be done when your enemy is continuously trying to kill you. We are listing below a few Quranic verses & Prayer against household enemy. Before performing any of these practices on your enemy you should take permission from us.

Prayer for when the enemy attacks

If your enemy is continuously causing harm to you and is not allowing you to stay peacefully and you are unable to find any way to get rid of him. Then perform this very powerful Quranic Prayer for when the enemy attacks. By the will of Allah, after this, your enemies will not be able to cause any harm to you further. Because these prayers are taken from effective verses of Holy Quran.

Prayer to rebuke the enemy

It is not a strange fact that an enemy can turn into your best friend and your close friend might turn into your big enemy. Few people express their enmity openly while few hide within their hearts. The enemy who acts as your friend physically but keeps internal envy, hatred & revenge for you is most dangerous. Because you will not be knowing about his feelings for you. But Allah knows everyone, so we should make supplication to Allah for our protection. We should recite Islamic Prayer to rebuke the enemy so that our enemies might not harm us.


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