Prayer points for marriage

Prayer points for marriage – Prayer points for marriage happy quotes request healthy verses

Here are some of the Prayer points for marriage to get married soon. These prayer points are collected from Chapter Muzammil of the Holy Quran for marriage. The chapter contains a total of 20 verses. The English interpretation of its first section is written below.

  1. O the One Wrapped in piety! (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him).
  2. Stand up for worship during the night, except for some part of it.
  3. For half the night, or reduce some of it.
  4. Or increase a little upon it, and recite the Quran slowly in stages.
  5. Indeed, we shall ordain a heavy responsibility upon you.
  6. Indeed, getting up in the night is tougher; And the words flow with strength.
  7. Indeed, you have a lot of matters during the day.
  8. And remember the name of your lord, and leaving others, devote yourself solely to him.
  9. Lord of the east and lord of the west – There is no God except him. Therefore make him your sole trustee of affairs.
  10. And patiently endure upon what the disbelievers say, and leave them for good.
  11. And leave them to me – these wealthy deniers and give them some respite.
  12. Indeed we have heavy fetters and a blazing fire.
  13. And food that chokes and painful punishment.
  14. On the day when the earth and the mountains tremble, and mountains turn into dunes of flowing sand.
  15. We have indeed sent a noble messenger towards you, a present witness the way we had sent the noble messenger towards Firaun.
  16. In response, Firaun disobeyed the Noble Messenger. So, we seized him with a severe seizure.
  17. So how will you save yourselves if you disbelieve on the day that will turn children old?
  18. The heaven will split asunder with its grief and the promise of ALLAH will surely occur.
  19. This is indeed a bit of advice; So whoever wishes may take the path towards his Lord.

 Prayer for a happy marriage

We know that in every joyful relation we have love. So the question here that what is a happy marriage? Because in every marriage we have love. Well, happy marriage is when two people love each other without even getting in conflict and love each other unconditionally. So if a person is facing from marriage conflict. Then they don’t have to worry because Prayer for a happy marriage is their helper.

Prayer quotes for marriage

In this modern era, we can found everything through social media and the internet. But on the internet, there are lots of wrong references due to which person got distracted. However, this prayer quotes for marriage is the prayer that is quoted only for giving benefits in marriage. Therefore, any person can recite or perform the method of these prayers so that they can get success in happy healthy and everlasting marriage.

Prayer request for marriage

Many studies prove that married people’s body and brain remain healthier. Islam has always maintained it. Marriage is beneficial for us in many ways. Islam also regards marriage as a way to get spiritual perfection. The topic of love marriage and arrange marriage is big and debatable. However, if a person wants to get married but they cannot perform prayer due to fear of error. They can prayer request for marriage that is they can request the scholars and aamils to pray on behalf of them. So that there will be no error.

Prayer for healthy marriage

Love marriage is very common nowadays. Most of the boys or girls wish to marry someone they love.  Our beloved Prophet (Countless blessings on Him) says,” Tie the knot of your child when he/she reaches the age of adolescence. Islam says “It is necessary to know the will of your child in the matter of marriage”. There’s a well saying,” Marry the one whom you love, Or love the one to whom you marry”. Here is the best Prayer for healthy marriage.

Prayer verses for marriage

The Holy Quran contains solution for all problems of life and there are some special verses which can speed up the success rate and helpful in removing hurdles in marriage. The method to perform Prayer verses for marriage is as follows:


  • Surah Fatiha.
  • The Surah Yaseen.
  • Surah Rahman
  • The Surah Maryam.
  • Surah Anfal
  • And the Surah Ahad.

Recitation of these verses in the form of a prayer just even once daily can bring outstanding results.


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