Prayer for protection for family

Prayer for protection for family – Prayer for protection for family child home guidance safety during pregnancy

Allah created this world very beautifully. In Islam, we have responsibilities for each and every relation. Like we have been told about the responsibilities of a wife and husband. And we have responsibilities for a father and mother also. And the other hand Allah gives much strength to a man in comparison to women. He is much strong both physically and mentally over women. So he has the responsibility of protecting his family against enemies. but what he can do if he doesn’t know who the enemy is. How is he going to protect his family in such scenarios? In this case, the person can perform Prayer for protection for family.

Prayer for protection of child

I talked about how a man can protect his family and child against the enemy who is invisible. Because we have so many enemies who do evil things with us behind our backs. They have negative thoughts for us which can somehow make an impact in our lives. So the best thing is to recite Prayer for protection of the child.

Prayer for protection of home

Any prayer which is performed by true heart and good motive will be answered. Prayer for protection of home is very effective which help you to protect against these types of hidden enemies. And protect you from the evil thoughts of them. What you need to do is don’t lose hope from the mercy of Allah. Allah almighty know everything and can do anything.

Prayer for protection during pregnancy

The most difficult part of any married woman living in pregnancy. In this time, she only cares about the child she is carrying in her womb. She faces lots of challenges in this long period. But she only wants to see her child in this world. Therefore, in order to lighten her hardship and burden. Her husband or she can recite Prayer for protection during pregnancy which is effective in the result and requires nothing but good intention.

Prayer for protection and guidance

This won’t be a good question if you ask me why this Prayer for protection and guidance is important. Because you know that your enemies are everywhere and trying to defeat you in every aspect of your life. And how you can protect yourself and your family without taking help from the most powerful entity in this universe. Therefore, a person can be protected from every evilness with the help of prayer performed in front of Allah.

Prayer for protection and safety

By just reciting the Prayer for protection and safety. Your enemy can go away. Even they may be smart enough they have to vanish from your life because now you are seeking help from Allah Almighty. And you have to trust that when Allah is with you nobody can hurt you or even touch you. So please believe in the importance of the prayer and start reciting as soon as possible.


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