Prayer for my husband protection

Prayer for my husband protection – Prayer for my husband at work to love me again come home protection unsaved to keep his job

The quantity of husband is rising these days. It is slightly difficult to answer why many men are unfaithful. One of the main reasons is by the influence of movies & non-Islamic culture. In this post, we will be sharing with you an Islamic Prayer for my husband protection to get him on the right path. Any person can perform these prayers for my husband protection with the help of a method that is mentioned in this post.

Prayer for my husband at work

Your husband will never stop caring for you as he would in the beginning days of marriage? Neither the wife will do if there is an understanding of marriage. So did your husband start ignoring you and your needs? Is no more attracted to you? And you have done everything you know to turn him back, but he is still wandering? Well, you have to think positive and consider that your husband is not attracted to you due to workload. Therefore, this Prayer for my husband at work will help you get out of your problem.

Prayer for my husband to love me again

Many husbands cheat their wives or don’t love them anymore. It could be due to several reasons. Either because of their desire or sometimes it is also because their wives don’t behave with them properly & do not love them as they expect from the wives or due to conflicts with wife etc. You can perform this Islamic prayer of “Prayer for my husband to love me again” to bring them to the right path.

Prayer for my husband to come home

If your husband has become angry with you due to some reason and has gone away from the house and is not returning back, then perform the following amal of Prayer for my husband to come home.

 وَ لِکُلِّ وِجۡھَۃٌ ھُوَ مُوِلِّیھٰا فَاسۡتَبِقُوا الۡخَیۡرٰاتِ اَیۡنَ مٰا تَکُونُوا یَاۡتِ بکُمُ اللہُ جَمِیعاً اِنَّ اللہَ عَلیٰ کُلِّ شَیٍٔ قَدیرٌ

  • Take a new cloth and cut it in the form of a circle or a square.
  • Write this verse at its corners and in the middle write name of the husband.
  • Then fold this cloth and nail it on the wall of the house from where the husband has gone away.
  • In sha ALLAH he will come back soon.
Prayer for unsaved husband

The method to perform Prayer for unsaved husband & love is described further. The best and a very easy but powerful prayer for my husband at work to get husband’s attention & make him loyal is to recite Durood Shareef daily while cooking food for him and also give food to poor on every Thursday if possible, and keep praying for the success of your wish and for happiness. This is the best proven, tested prayer for husband to come home and to make him loyal.

Prayer for my husband to keep his job

The method to perform the powerful Prayer for my husband to keep his job amal is as follows :

وَأَلْقَيْتُ عَلَيْكَ مَحَبَّةً مِّنِّي وَلِتُصْنَعَ عَلَىٰ عَيْنِي

(سورة طه)

  • Make Fresh Ablution.
  • Take an Almond.
  • Recite Durood e Shareef for 11 times and the above verse for 100 times & blow on it.
  • Then keep this in Your mouth and again recite the above verse 100 times, then remove it from Your mouth and blow on it.
  • Once again keep it in Your mouth and again recite it 100 times and remove & blow on it.
  • Repeat this process 5 times.
  • Then mix this almond in some sweet or food items and serve it to Your husband.
  • In sha ALLAH, he will start loving you more and more.


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