Prayer for a man you love

Romantic Person Prayer for the one lost man or woman I love

  1. Love is a very strong warm feeling that a person has when he cares very much about someone or wants to be together with each other for the rest of their life.
  2. But eventually, some people lost each other due to the many obstacles and makes prayer for a man you love.
  3. Therefore, to live their life with loved ones person makes prayer for a man you love to get their love back.

Prayer for the one you love

  1. Prayer is the basic objective of getting success in any sector. Everyone has a motive in life for which they can make dua.
  2. The person who cannot attain their love due to many factors. For instance, family problems for lovers, financial crisis or much other reason.
  3. So, to get their love again they make prayer for the one you love hoping that Allah will help them to get out this difficulty

Prayer for lost love

  1. Love which is lost means, unrequited love. It means that you and someone else once shared love, but separated due to some reason and still love each other.
  2. So, how can you redeem your love again?
  3. There is still love there, but it cannot be expressed because it’s lost. Islam suggested a prayer for lost love and lots of methods to attain your love back.

Prayer for the person you love

  1. When a person falls in love with someone, it is difficult to resist that love. A person thinks about his lover every time.
  2. Therefore, to get their love back person makes prayer with all their heart and with pure intentions.
  3. Thus, prayer for the person you love is effective for that person. Because they ask for help with completely pure intentions.

Prayer for the woman I love

  1. According to the belief of Muslims. Every dua will be answered if the motive of a person is good. Some of the dua answered late some works faster.
  2. However, it depends on the person’s intention of making a prayer.
  3. A most powerful prayer for the woman I love is the one that is prayed by a person with a pure heart.
Prayer for romantic love
  1. Most of the people face difficulty in getting their love of life due to many factors.
  2. But, these difficulties are temporary. As Allah won’t give problem without its solution.
  3. Quran has many surahs and powerful prayer for romantic love. One has to recite them and believe Allah for the best results.


Darood/Salavat 11 times Surah Lahab 73 times Darood/Salavat 11 times and make dua



Prayer for a man you love found very beneficial for those who are trying to get their love of life. Love is an intense feelings of deep affection. Therefore, the effective dua for love is to wish for something (makes dua) in front of the One who controls everything in-universe. However, the person has to be patient for the best results to come.


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