Prayer for enemy

Prayer for enemy at work to keep away of progress attack

Envy is one of the hidden diseases of the heart which remain unnoticed by many.  The envious person wishes for the loss of other person’s blessings, talent or merits. A Muslim is not supposed to have envy towards his Muslim brother. Instead he can keep good desires like if someone is having good qualities or merits he too can hope the same for himself without wishing for the deprivation of blessings from that person. If you feel that you are having enemies who are envious of you, you should take assistance from the Prayer for enemy.

Prayer against enemy of progress

If your enemy keeps on torturing you and he is not vacating your house or land or any other property and not giving you back your ownership, then do this Prayer against enemy of progress. In the evening recite Surah Asr 21 times on each of the 7 pieces of solid salt. Then put them in fire taking his name and if you do this at ASAR time it would be very effective and he will soon stop harming you In sha ALLAH. Do not forget to recite Durood-e-Shareef 3 times in the beginning and at the end.

Prayer for enemy at work

The enemy always try to harm us with their evil plans in our family studies or work and they cannot be sincere with us. Therefore, most of the people make Prayer for enemy at work to be destroyed and can never plot a downfall for them so that they can live their life with peace of mind and soul and can do their work and job with peace.

Prayer for enemy to keep away

When you start getting success in life the number of the enemy started to increase and they want us to pull our leg and show us downfall. Therefore, Prayers for enemy to keep away helps to make our enemy our close companion again. If they don’t become our close companion then it helps to make them stay away from our successful life. However, there are many other methods of Prayer for my enemy to keep away.

Prayer for enemy attack

There are many Quranic verses which have magical healing power. Prayer is nothing but reciting the powerful duas, verses from hadith or the Quran. The belief that must be kept is Almighty Allah is the original curer; The prayer spells acts a means. The prayer does not have power by themselves. They have power in them because Allah has created power within them. You can implement the Prayer for enemy attack if he is hurting you for no reason. You may also take service from us for your help.

Prayer for my enemy

The enemy is the word that is derived from a Latin word. It’s meaning is “bad friend”. As a friend tries to benefit you in all the possible ways he can, an enemy tries to injure you in all possible ways that he can. Emotions associated with a friend include love, compassion, kindness, sympathy, satisfaction, respect, sacrifice for your well being, etc. On the contrary, the feelings connected with the enemy are anger, hatred, jealousy, insult, discomfort, frustration, revenge, etc. Therefore, Prayer for my enemy is effective to get protection for enemies.


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