Online Istikhara for love

Online Istikhara for love – How to do Free Online Istikhara for love marriage back

Online Istikhara for love is popular nowadays. Often we come across critical situations in marriage life where we need someone to live the rest of their life with us and guide us in the right way. So, the right path to overcome these love problems is nothing but to go through Allah and ask for help in front of Him. Therefore, online Istikhara for love will be effective if the reference and motive are right.

Online Istikhara for love marriage

Istikhara is a prayer performed by a majority of Muslim to understand the effect of a proposed action. There are many reasons for not getting married which we don’t even know. Therefore, Online Istikhara for love marriage helps a person to detect the reason for not getting married and helps to start a new life.

Istikhara for love back

Istikhara is the best way to find what’s good for you and what’s not good for you. But how can any person get a sign of the difference between good and not good? Istikhara for love back can appear in a dream by showing a different color. Every color has a different meaning. Moreover, it is neither necessary to see dream after Istikhara nor it is important to heard voice.

How to do Istikhara for love

The answer of how to do Istikhara for love is as follows:

a). Ablution for salat al istikhara:

You might be aware that before performing the salah you need to clean yourself. In case of minor impurity, you must perform ablution (Wuzu) to get rid of it and become eligible for offering the salah. And in case of major impurities such as intercourse, menstruation or semen discharge, etc. you must perform Ghusl (Full body wash). You can learn more about how to perform ablution and how to perform ghusl from Duacentre.

b). Space for salat-al-istikhara:

Ensure that you select neat and clean space for praying the salah. It is preferable to offer this at the place where you offer your obligatory prayers regularly. Also, make use of a clean prayer mat. You may perform even without prayer mat if unavailable.

c). Cleanliness:

Take off the cleanliness of your clothes. You should wear clean clothes and offer salah. The clothes should not have any impurities on them. If there are any, wash them off properly.

4). Begin salat al istikhara:

You should offer 2 cycles of salat al istikhara as you offer other salahs. Begin the salah with Takbeer e Tehreema ” ALLAHU AKBAR”. Then Recite Ta’wwuz ( meaning in English: ” I seek refuge in ALLAH, from the cursed satan”) and Tasmiya ( meaning in English: ” Allah, in the name of, the most affectionate, the most merciful.”).

Recite Surah :

As usual, recite Surah Fatiha once in each of the prayer cycles. Recite the Surah Kafiroon once. Start it with “Bismillahir Rahman Nir Raheem”. And recite Surah Ikhlas in the second cycle. Likewise, complete 2 prayer cycles.

Free online Istikhara for love marriage

If you are confused after istikharah and are unable to make any decision regarding your marriage, job or some legal task you may share your problems with us and we will help you with the best possible solution to it. We can help you out with istikharah for marriage, free online istikharah for love marriage, and every marriage problems and much more.


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