Money attraction spells

Money attraction spells – Magic Cast Money attraction spells that work fast

If you are facing a shortage of money & looking for a legal source of income perform this money attraction spells. Take some coins. Place it in front of you. Then recite Surah Kausar 1000 times. And pray to ALLAH. Soon you will notice the abundance in wealth.

Attraction spells that work

Money attraction spells that work is the strong spell that is taken from one of the Hadiths. These money spells are so powerful & effective that even if you are a beggar, these will make you a rich, & independent person. You should enchant these beautiful phrases 313 times every day after your morning salah.

سبحان الله و بحمده سبحان الله العظيم

Attraction spells that work fast

This money attraction spells that work fast is for those who do not know to read Arabic and want prayer in English. You need to recite these phrases after your fajr prayer for 313 times daily.

“Glory be to ALLAH and all praise is to him, ALLAH is free from imperfection and he is the greatest”.

Cast attraction spells that work

In order to cast attraction spells that work help you to open your fortune. We all know that attract good luck and misfortune is from Almighty ALLAH. But he has given us the opportunity to pray and request him for attraction. When we pray to ALLAH, he converts our difficulties into ease. You can use these spells even if you wish to send good luck or blessings on some other person.

Attraction spells that work for free

Surah Yaseen is the attraction money spells that work for free that you need to implement. You will have to enchant it 7 times for 41 consecutive days.

  • This will open the doors for good fortune.
Magic spells for attraction

This is another short but powerful success magic spells for attraction. It is for English readers.

“So indeed with hardship is ease.

Indeed with hardship is ease.

Nothing is easy except that which ALLAH makes it easier.

I ask ALLAH to fade my difficulties and shower blessings upon me”


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