Love spells candle

Red candle Love spells candle that work fast to bring a lover back

Love spells candle is a collection of words that we enchant for love purpose or need. The receptor performs the spells on a regular basis to achieve his goals. These can be defined as a set of magical words. They may contain either good meanings or evil meanings. It depends on the person who is casting the spells what kind of enchanting he selects.

Red candle Love spells

Red candle Love spells are meant to create love and attraction in the heart of a person. In this article, we explain to you legal and Islamic love spells candle that can help you with your desire.  These Red candle Love spells are very energetic as they have hidden powers within them. They can help you to strong emotions in the desired person’s heart. Note that do not use it for illegal purpose.

Candle love spells

This process involves the use of a candle to perform the ritual. Hence the name was given to it. In order to cast this spell, you need a fresh new candle. Do not use an already used candle. Start with a new one. Take some rose petals if you have access to. Follow the candles love spells cast procedure given below:

Cast a love spell with candles procedure:

  1. Make Ablution.
  2. Wear clean clothes.
  3. Apply some fragrance.
  4. Select an empty room where no one enters.
  5. Take a thick candle that can easily settle on a platform.
  6. Place it at the center of a bench or a table of suitable height. It should be of so much height that the candle is comfortably visible from your sitting position.
  7. Carve the name of the person on the candle.
  8. Enclose the candle in a sphere with red rose petals and a piece of paper on which the Quranic verse is written.
  9. The verse that you have to write on the paper is: “Alqaitu ‘alaika mahabbatan minnii wa litusna’a ‘alaa ‘ainii”. It must be written in Arabic otherwise you won’t get the best results.
  10. Light the candle and start reciting the mentioned verse 313 times with the imagination of the person.
  11. Remember to recite Durood-e-Shareef 3 times before and after the verse.
  12. Wait till the candle is burnt completely. Once finished collect it’s wax, wrap and keep it in a safe place.
  13. At the end, if you realize that you have performed the spell on a wrong person or if you wish to remove the effect of love spell from the person on whom who enchanted just take out the wrapped wax. Ask forgiveness from Almighty ALLAH 313 times. Blow it on the wax leftover. Pray to ALLAH that may he take you out from his heart forever. Then bury the wax or throw it in a well.

Cast a Love Spell in English:

If you are having issues reading the above-mentioned verse in Arabic here is the English version of it. You may recite this but remember Arabic words are more effective. Try to learn the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation if you have not learnt yet. We even offer online Quranic courses for interested candidates.

“O my lord ALLAH, put my love in so and so person’s heart & make him/her loyal to me”.

Candle love spells to bring back a lover

Candle love spells to bring back a lover make clear from its name that we make use of a red candle in this. Beware that you can use this love spells only for legal purpose. Since these are powerful verses they may harm you if done with a wrong intention. This red candle love spell you make the person you want, to marry you. The candle that you use should be made up of red color wax. It is better if it’s wick is also in red. Do not just use a red color wrapped candle. You should also make sure that it does not have any engravings on it.

Love spells with candles

You can also perform the Love spells with candles ritual by creating a candle at your home. Make sure that the candle is straight and free from cuts. It should not have any scratches or cracks on it. If you finding it difficult to create at home you may consider selecting the candle from a nice store. The suitable time to prepare the red wax candle is on the full moon or new moon. Performing the ritual at this particular time will enhance the positive effects. You will notice an improvement in the character and understanding of the desired person. But remember whatever you cast for others will have it’s the outcome on you as well. So, do not use it for committing sinful activities.

Candle love spells that work fast

Are you having problems with your partner? Do you feel that your partner does not love you? Are you having everyday fights with him/her? If this is so you may take help of Candle love spells that work fast.

Love spells without candles

If you wish to perform the spells without making use of any candles you may perform these real love spell. The method of casting it is very simple. You do not need any ingredients to cast this simple love spell. All you have to do is offer your obligatory prayer. Then cast these powerful Love spells without candles.


Recite the above-mentioned names of Almighty ALLAH 786 times along with durood 3 times before and after.


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