Istikhara for job

Istikhara for job – How to do dua Online Istikhara for job change in Urdu

No doubt ALLAH is the real helper and the guide. But everyone does not know the way of how to seek help from ALLAH and how to deal with problems of life and marriage. There are some servants of ALLAH whom ALLAH has granted the knowledge of affairs. By following these servants method Istikhara for job and the answer is much possible. Luckily they have both the knowledge of Islam and the fear of ALLAH.

Istikhara for job in urdu

Istikharah Sahihah :

Baad namaz e isha taaza wudu karke paak bistar par baithen aur nabi kareem  ( Sallallaahu A’laihi Wasallam ) par durood bhejein phir 10 baar surah Fatiha 11 baar surah Ikhlaas aur last mein 3 baar durood e shareef padhkar daahni karwat Qibla ki taraf muh karke sojayein. Agar taabeer samajh mein na aaye toh kisi neik aur samajhdaar shaks se taabeer maaloom karlein


The Istikhara for job in urdu is as follows:

Budh , Jumuaraat aur Jumme ki raat ko 2 nafal namaz, Isha k baad ada karein iske baad yeh kalimaat ( 333 ) teen Soo taintees martaba padhein –یَا عَلِیْمُ یَا عَلِّمْنِیْ اِنْ کَانَ مِنْ الْاَحْوَالِ

phir Qible ki taraf munh karke sojayein, kisi se baat na karein Allah taala ke fazal O karam se pehli raat maloom ho jaayega , nahi to dosri , ya had 3 din mein har haal mein maloom ho jayega In sha Allah.

عمل برائے استخارہ

Amal baraye Istekharah:

Awwal 11 martaba durood e shareef padhein phir یَا بَدِیْعَ الْعَجَائِبِ  یَا کَاشِفَ الْغَرَآئِبِ ( 1100 ) martaba padhein aur taat ke borya par sojayein lekin is amal ko karne se pahle gusul karein aur paak saaf kapde pehne aur Khushboo lagayen In sha Allah zaroor kamyaabi hogi .

عمل استخارہ

 Istikarah mujarrab:

Isha ki namaz ke baad 2 rakat Nafal padhein aur

( 100 ) baar یا عَلِیمُ عَلِّمنِی  ( 100 ) baar یا رَشِیدُ اَرشِدنِی ( 100 ) baar یَاھَادِیُ اِھْدِنِیْ ( 100 ) baar

یا خَبِیرُ اَخبِرنِی

Aur awwal wa akhir koi b dorood shareef ( 100 ) baar padhkar sojayein Inshallah khwaab mein sab haal maloom ho jayega.

نماز استخارہ

Istikharah e Namaz:

Nisf shab ko bedaar ho kar nafal padhein aur donon rakaton main jo bhi surah ya ayatein yaad ho padhein, pakiza kapre pehne aur khushbu lagayen aur namaz se farig hokar sar sajde mein rakhkar darj zeel wazifa padhte huwe sojayein In sha Allah khwaab mein ek Buzurg is bande ki rehnumayi farmayenge.

یَا رَبِّ دُلَّنِیْ عَلَیَّ عَبْدِ مِنْ عِبَادِکَ الْمُقََرَّبِیْنَ حَتّٰی یَدُلَّنَیْ عَلَیْکَ وَیَغْرُضَنِیْ صِدْقُ الْوُصُوْلِ اِلَیْکَ

Istikhara for job change

In this world, everyone wants to live in peace with their family. But there are many people who cannot make their peace due to many defects. For making life peaceful, the job is one of the most important factors. Therefore, in order to get happiness and peace in life. A person has to perform Istikhara for job change. Which can be performed in different methods approved by different scholars.

In the holy Quran where ALLAH instructs us “Ask those who know and are fearful of ALLAH if we do not have knowledge of something.”

Online Istikhara for job

In the terminology of Islam, Istikhara literally meaning Guidance is an act of supplication. A person can find any kind of Istikhara for any sector of life online, by searching the problem and getting the best reference of that. However, online Istikhara for job sometimes does not effect because there are several wrong references. Therefore, a person can find the right Istikhara for making his wish to come true and get success in every sector of life.

How to do Istikhara for job

The answer of How to do Istikhara for job is as follows:

i). Perform Salat al Istikhara:

a). Ablution for salat al istikhara:

You might be aware that before performing the salah you need to clean yourself. In case of minor impurity, you must perform ablution (Wuzu) to get rid of it and become eligible for offering the salah. And in case of major impurities such as intercourse, menstruation or semen discharge, etc. you must perform Ghusl (Full body wash). You can learn more about how to perform ablution and how to perform ghusl from Duacentre.

b). Space for salatul istikhara:

Ensure that you select neat and clean space for praying the salah. It is preferable to offer this at the place where you offer your obligatory prayers regularly. Also, make use of a clean prayer mat. You may perform even without prayer mat if unavailable.

c). Cleanliness:

Take of the cleanliness of your clothes. You should wear clean clothes and offer salah. The clothes should not have any impurities on them. If there are any, wash them off properly.

4). Begin salat ul istikhara:

You should offer 2 cycles of salat-al-istikhara as you offer other salahs. Begin the salah with Takbeer e Tehreema ” ALLAHU AKBAR”. Then Recite Ta’wwuz ( meaning in English: ” I seek refuge in ALLAH, from the cursed satan”) and Tasmiya ( meaning in English: ” Allah, in the name of, the most affectionate, the most merciful.”).

Recite Surah :

As usual, recite Surah Fatiha once in each of the prayer cycles. Recite the Surah Kafiroon once. Start it with “Bismillahir Rahman Nir Raheem”. And recite Surah Ikhlas in the second cycle. Likewise, complete 2 prayer cycles.

Istikhara dua for job

Istikhara prayer is the prayer of guidance and goodness. You need to perform Istikhara dua for job and at the same time seek advice from the Knowledgable Islamic Scholar and spiritual healing expert. Above is the full guide on how to pray istikhara dua for job step by step.


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