Istikhara for divorce

Quranic Dua Praying Istikhara for divorce Urdu

Marriage brings happiness, joy, and peace in everyone’s life if the decision of marriage is correct. But on the other hand. If a personal decision of marriage is not correct. Then their life turns out to be living in hell. Then, all they want is to get out of this life and live alone but peaceful. So, most of them decide to get a divorce. Some of them hesitate to take this decision. Therefore, Istikhara for divorce can help to guide to take that decision. Because Istikhara can be useful in every difficulty.

Praying Istikhara for divorce

There are lots of reasons for getting a divorce and this decision needs lots of courage. Some of the reasons are strictness of husband, bad habits of husband or wife, no respect in the relation of husband and wife, having affair with someone else or many other reasons like this. So praying Istikhara for divorce is very much effective to be trustful in your decision and get rid of that ruined life.

Quranic Istikhara for divorce

As a muslim, we all know that Allah revealed Holy Quran just for our guidance. Somehow, we all need the Quran and its verses and dua in our hard times and difficulty. There are uncountable benefits of Holy Quran not in just life but the life after death. Therefore, in marriage problems and bad behavior of your partner, the Quran could be helpful. If you make Quranic Istikhara for divorce and trust on Allah for every decision.

Dua Istikhara for divorce

In this universe, no one has the power to control anything. Only the creator of this universe have power to control every decision of person and give them good results or problem which they can bear. Therefore, if a person wants to get a divorce, all he has to do is make dua Istikhara for divorce in front of the most powerful entity of the universe. So that his decision bring positive outcomes for rest of life.

Istikhara for divorce Urdu

Talaak lene ki buhat si wajoohat hoskti hain. Yeh qadm uthaane k liye buhat hosla ki zaroorat prhti hai. Chand wajoohat jiski wajaah se talaak hoskti hain who darj zel hain. Shohar k mizaaj ka sakht hona, shohar ya bwi ki galat aadat, rishte mai farmabardaari na hona, shohar ya biwi ka kisi aur se talluq hona ya buhat se alag alag masaail. Inn wajoohat mai Istikhara for divorce Urdu krna buhat mujarrab amal hai taake aap apne faisle per saabit qadm rahein.


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