Islamic Foods benefits

Effective Islamic Hadith Foods benefits in Urdu

Islamic Foods benefits

There are many Islamic foods benefits. Abu Huraira radiallahua’nhu narrates that The Messenger of ALLAH said him to drink milk, he drank milk till he reached to the state that he said By Almighty Allah I can no more drink. (Sahih Bukhari Hadith no 6087). Abu Sayeed Khudri radiallahua’nhu says that one person came to beloved Prophet and said my brother is having motions. He peace be upon him instructed honey for him. Then, that person came back again and said motions have increased. The Prophet peace be upon him said Give me honey again. Likewise, honey was given to the patient thrice. The fourth time it was said to the Prophet that still there isn’t relief. Then he peace be upon him said, Whatever ALLAH has said regarding honey is true but your brother’s stomach is small. (Jamey At Tirmizi)

Hadith Foods benefits

If someone were to invite the Prophet peace be upon him for food, he would never leave after his food followed by making supplication for him. It is proved in a Sahih hadith that the Prophet peace be upon him once ordered the person eating with his left hand to eat with his right hand. The person said, “I cannot eat with the right hand”. He peace be upon him replied: May You have no power of it too. After this, the person was not able to lift his hand even till his mouth. (Sahih Muslim Hadith no 2021).

From this hadith foods benefits, we came to know that if it were a permissible act to eat food with the left hand, then the Prophet peace be upon him would not have cursed him. 

Effective Islamic Foods benefits

From among the dearest things of the beloved Prophet peace be upon him we will be talking about a few things which are effective Islamic foods benefits.

1) Honey: The messenger of ALLAH peace be upon him said: 2 things are very necessary for cure. Quran and Honey. (Sunan Ibn e Maja). Honey is not only useful for heath protection but in it, there is healing power to cure many diseases. 

2) Dates (Khajoor):

It is very important to maintain the required blood count in our body. However, the decrease in Red blood cells (RBCs) and Hemoglobin could lead to various diseases in the human body. Such as a low level of oxygen content in our body. Furthermore gives rise to uneasiness, discomfort, and shortness in breathing. Then, we often come across the people who complain of shortness of breath. So, these people sometimes even assume that they are suffering from Asthma. But a minor medical diagnosis in the form of blood test often finds out that it’s nothing but low Hemoglobin level resulting in such problems. So, such patients have usually prescribed iron-enriched vitamin tablets or health tonics. Secondly, low blood count could also be a problem in females as many-a-times they experience a menstrual cycle with heavy bleeding likewise every month.

Dates (Khajoor) are a rich source of Iron which helps increase Red blood cells ( RBCs ) in the body. Factually, Iron plays a significant role with RBCs and Hemoglobin. It assists to deliver oxygen to different parts within the body.

This would help to develop comfortable breathing and regularize the menstrual cycles every month in females.

Islamic Foods benefits in Urdu

ALLAH ke rasool sallallahu a’laihi wa sallam ne apni ummat ki taleem ke liye har jagah rehnumayi farmayi hai. Isliye keh islam deen e fitrat hai. Isme zindagi guzaarne ka behtareen namuna maujood hai.

Kuch zaroori islamic phal aur khana Islamic Foods benefits in Urdu:

Abu Huraira radiallahua’nhu bayan karte hain is hadith ko imam Bukhari reh’matullahi a’laih ne zikr kiya hai jisme yeh hai keh Nabi sallallahu a’laihi wasallam ne Abu-Huraira radiallahua’nhu ko ek baar doodh peene ka kaha hatta keh Abu Huraira radiallahua’nhu kehne lage us zaat ki qasam jisne aapko haq dekar bheja hai ab toh mai aur nahi peesakta. (Sahi Bukhari Hadith no 6087).

Agar koi shaks Nabi salallahu a’laihi wa sallam ko khane ki dawat deta toh Nabi SAWW khane se farigh hokar iske liye dua karne se qabl wahan se nahi nikalte the. Nabi kareem PBUH se sahih hadith mein sabit hai keh aapne baayein haath se khane wale ko farmaya: Daayein haath se khao, woh kehne laga mai daayein haath se nahi khasakta toh Nabi SAWW ne jawab mein kaha: Tujhe iski taqat bhi na rahe, toh uske baad woh apne muh tak bhi haath na utha saka. (Sahi Muslim Hadith no 2021)


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