Dua to remove difficulties

Islamic Dua to remove difficulties – Powerful effective Islamic Remedies Dua to remove difficulties

Making dua is a great help and cure for the grieving heart of a Muslim. The method of performing the powerful dua to remove difficulties, overcome hardships & troubles of life is as follows :

یَامُھَیْمِنُ YA MUHAIMINU

  • After every salah perform this wazifa for solving all problems.
  • Recite Durood-e-Shareef 3 times.
  • Read the Name of ALLAH 29 times.
  • Recite Durood-e-Shareef 3 times.
  • Pray for easiness in your tasks.
  • In sha ALLAH you will be protected from all problems, difficulties, calamities & troubles.

Effective Dua for difficulties

Problems, hardships, and troubles are a part of life that no one can run away from. You cannot find any person in the world who has never struck with difficulties throughout his lifetime. Best person is the one who handles the problems without cursing ALLAH for it. When a Muslim patiently deals with the problem, Allah wipes away his sins in return. Islamic ways and effective way to remove difficulties are discussed in this post.

Islamic Dua to remove difficulties

When too many problems attack at once, people get worried & start thinking “why do we have too many problems in this life”? The answer to this is very simple. The problems befall either due to the sins committed by the person or for a better cause of the Muslim. Now, how do we know that the difficulties have touched us as a result of ALLAH’s punishment or for our welfare? There is one best indicator that helps us in finding out the difference. Therefore, Islamic Dua to remove difficulties is helpful.

Powerful Dua to remove difficulties

If the problems are taking away the person from Almighty ALLAH and increasing him in committing sins, then this is a part of the punishment. And if after problems, the person is getting closer to ALLAH & moving away from sins, then this is best for him. Therefore, powerful Dua to remove difficulties is very effective in getting rid of every problem for any sector of life.

Remedies Dua to remove difficulties

It is usual that people will get depressed and stressed during problems. They feel like everything is lost. And they feel alone and sad. The best way to come out of the stress is by remembering ALLAH. Let me briefly explain some of the steps for people asking about “how to deal with problems ?”.

  1. Look at the people who are inferior to you and are facing many more problems than you.
  2. Think about all the favors that ALLAH has done on you instead of only focusing on the difficulties you are going with.
  3. Recite the Holy Quran and ponder over its meaning. If you cannot read the Quran properly, listen to the recitation of Qari.
  4. Do not skip obligatory prayers (salah). Keep offering the 5 prayers of a day consistently.
  5. Make supplication and ask for your needs from ALLAH.
  6. Remedies Dua to remove difficulties and troubles is the best practice.

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