Dua to make husband

Dua to make husband listen love happy respect

Dua to make husband

Today we will tell you some important tips regarding how to keep your husband happy | wazifa for how dua to make husband happy.

Dua to make husband happy

Every girl has a desire of getting married. And every girl keeps many hopes for her marriage. In the beginning days of marriage, every husband remains pleased and happy with her but after a few years, the husband relation would not be the same as it was in the beginning days of marriage. It is not that only the wife will have to give all her sacrifices. In fact, marriage is such a vehicle that cannot run on a single wheel. Therefore it is required for both the persons to lead their married life with a proper understanding between them. One important task for the wife is about how to make a husband. Few important tips for the wife to keep her husband are as follows:

Dua to make husband loyal

Every wife must always keep herself adorned for her husband in order to make her husband loyal. More or less every girl will be acquiring some beauty naturally, but along with this if she beautifies herself in the way her husband likes to see her then the husband’s eyes will not move towards other girl or women and his heart will be lost in his wife alone. Therefore when the husband comes home tired, the wife must beautify herself like a bride and present herself before her husband so as to grab his attention towards her and performs dua to make husband loyal.

Dua to make husband listen

To keep the married life happy, the wife should keep control over her anger and not speak in ill manners with her husband.

The wife should always try to behave in soft manners with husband, even if she is angry with him, she should not change her soft speaking nature. In fact, a husband likes that wife who speaks softly and sweetly with him. Therefore maintain sweetness in your words for your husband.

Along with these, in order to make your husband love you and to keep him happy you can  perform this Dua to make husband listen:

  • Recite the verse 189 of Surah Aaraf till ھُوَالَّذِیْ خَلَقَکُمْ سیلِیَسْکُنَ اِلَیْہَا  for 101 times along with Durood-e-Shareef 11 times before and after fajr prayer and maghrib prayer with the imagination of the husband and then pray to ALLAH.
  • Do this practice daily for 40 days.
  • In sha ALLAH your wish will be fulfilled.
  • Also keep reciting Ya Wadoodu all the time, while sitting, standing, walking, working, etc.
Dua to make husband respect

We hear complaints from women such as “My husband doesn’t respect me”. If you are tensed about what to do when your husband doesn’t respect you? Make your husband read this post completely in a loving manner and make dua to make husband respect. In sha ALLAH his heart will become soft.

Respect is an important and greatest expression of love that a husband should give his wife. This will not make you inferior but in fact, it will raise your rank. You should respect your wife as you respect others or even more than that. and whenever you speak with her keep up the good manners along.

Even a woman like a man loves herself and likes others to respect her and protect her prestige. She likes to be respectful in the sight of others. She becomes nervous when dishonored and insulted.

When she is treated with respect and honor she feels like a respectable personality. and takes part in the activities of life actively and happily. Respect and the one who respects her is prestigious in her sight. Defamation and the one who insults her is disdainful in her sight.

Your wife hopes from you that you respect her more than anyone else. This hope of hers is her right. because she confesses you to be her life partner and she believes you to be her biggest well-wisher and consoler. Day and night she keeps serving you and your children. Doesn’t she possess even so much right that you should consider her existence as a gift and respect her?

Dua to make husband love

Every woman wants her husband to love her and she hates insult and disrespect.

In spite of the husband’s painful words, if the woman remains quite. it doesn’t mean that she is happy with this. Though she does not bring a word of complaint on her mouth still she is unhappy from inside. Dua to make husband love is effective.

If you love your wife she will also love you and in this way, love will increase between both of you. And you both will be love in other people’s sight as well. If you insult her and in return even if she insults you than you yourself are blameworthy of it.

According to one Hadith of the Prophet, peace be upon him Almighty ALLAH keeps that person honorable who respects other Muslims. According to another Hadith, only those persons love women who themselves are respectable and only those persons dishonor women who themselves are dishonorable. So in conclusion, whoever keeps insulting his wife and family unnecessarily cannot live a happy life.


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