Dua to break relationship

Dua to break relationship haram unlawful illegal curses

Well, this wazifa to break can be used in many ways. Let me give you situations. Suppose you are a father and your daughter is involved in love with a boy who is addicted to drugs.  Moreover, the boy is in unlawful and unlike the relationship with someone or you wanted to break someones unlawful relation. Therefore, this Dua to break relationship is effective in this situation.

Dua to break unlawful relationship

Suppose your daughter is not listening to you and wants to marry with someone which she is having unwanted relation. So in this case if you show your anger on your daughter then you can be as a villain in her eyes. So you need to be calm and as help from Allah. And this Dua to break unlawful relationship will help you in this regards.

Dua to break relationship curses

I hope you have found the answer to what this dua does to you. But let me give you another example. Imagine yourself as a mother and you have so many friends. But in those friends, some of them are very bad. They are involved in political parties and criminal activities. And they are far away from our Islam. They do not offer pray nor do good things to others. So how you are going to save your son from those bad friends. Well, you have Dua to break relationship curses which support you to break the friendship of your son from those friends.

Dua to break haram relationship

We are Muslims and we get support from the teachings of Islam in every matter of our life. And we know that Islam gives us the solution of everything which nobody can provide. So Dua to break haram relationship is the genuine way from Islam though which we can solve our problems.

Dua to break illegal relationship

Dua to break illegal relationship is purely dedicated to breaking the relationship which is illegal and haram. I please remember that we should not use this dua to break relationship the loveable and happy relation of anyone. This only applies to those relations which are not according to our Islam and can be harmful to anyone.


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