Dua istikhara for marriage

Istikhara dua for marriage to the one I love for happy strengthen and good life partner

In this dua Istikhara for marriage ritual, you work on the Quranic Chapter, Surah Zariat. This chapter was revealed in the Makkah when the people were resisting the call of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon). It emphasizes on the life of hereafter & invites mankind towards believing in One God i.e., ALLAH. Recite this surah 75 times along with durood 41 times before and after. Then pray for marriage.

Dua for happy marriage

In this practice of dua for happy marriage, you can take help from the Kalma e Shahada. ALLAH is the only God and Mohammad (peace be upon him) is the final messenger of ALLAH. When you repeat the sentences, again and again, your soul gets enlighted with spiritual power. You gain closeness of the Almighty. Recite it for 75,000 times and make supplication for the wedding. You will get married within a short span of time.

Dua for marriage to the one I love

This dua for marriage to the one I love ritual comprises of recitation of 4 different Quranic surahs for the fulfillment of the marriage need. The chapters are Taha, Qasas, Shuara, Naml, Yaseen & Rahman. Recite all of this one by one, once a day. Then supplicate for marriage with a loved one. Continue this practice for twenty one consecutive days.

Dua for good life partner

Love marriages have greater authority over the arrange marriages. Since the marrying persons have an affinity towards each other and like the way the partner is, there is a lesser probability of having conflicts. Few people luckily succeed in dua Istikhara for marriage with the desired partner. While many other fail due to difficulties & curses of society. If you wish to marry the man you love, you could implement the Islamic dua. In this dua for good life partner practice, the special verse that you need to recite is the Verse no. 129 of Surah Taha. Recite it 1100 times along with durood and make supplication to ALLAH.

Dua to strengthen marriage

Surah Fatihah is another powerful chapter that acts as a powerful dua to strengthen marriage of choice. Fatah means victory or success. Recite it 11 times and make supplication. Carry on with this practice for 21 consecutive days. With the will of ALLAH, you will get married soon.


This prayer to use in healing your broken marriage back. Marriage night is one of the special and important nights of both the spouses. It is sunnah to make dua on the wedding night It seems very hard for the widows to lead a normal life. Dua Istikhara for marriage is useful in bringing back the light in their dark lives. Marriage difficulties could be easily eliminated with the help of prayer. Dua is a powerful tool given to Muslims. This wazifa and dua are in roman Urdu. Enchanting the Quranic chapters daily is the best ruqya for marriage problem healing.


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