Dua for protection of children

Dua for protection of children – Manzil Dua for protection of children family son daughter or health

Why do we ask for protection? Obviously when we are in trouble or we got any threats from anyone. So if you have any life threat from any person you go police station and ask for protection. And maybe if someone is trying to put shut down your business you can also go to the police station and ask for help. Therefore, in order to safety of family person makes dua for protection of children.

Dua for protection of family

If the enemy is not obvious and making his moves behind your back. Like black magic so then to whom you will go. Off course you will go to Almighty Allah to seek protection and dua for protection of family or children is what I am talking about.

Dua for protection of son

Well, imagine you have a son who is continuously sick. You go to a doctor then the doctor prescribed some medicines and the sickness is gone. But after some time your son got the same sick again. It is like sickness going but not permanently. Then you come to know that someone has done magic on your son. And now the doctor is unable to help you in this scenario. And the sickness is deadly which can take your son’s life. So that is the time when this Dua for protection of son helps you and protects your children from that sickness.

Dua for protection of daughter

You know how cruel is black magic. And the effects of it are so dangerous and deadly. Now you know that your son got affected with it. And a doctor or any other person can help you in this condition. So the only option left is to get support from Almighty Allah. Therefore, only Almighty can a safe person’s children  from that condition and person have to make Dua for protection of daughter.

Dua for protection of health

Allah told us in the Quran also that when you are in trouble you should recite wazifa. And our Prophets also used to do wazifa when they were in trouble. So please recite this Dua for protection of health in order to protect you and your children.

Manzil Dua for protection

Manzil dua is brilliant in many ways. Like, first of all, it is dedicated to performing the desired work. And many Ayats from Quran tell us to perform wazifa when you are in trouble. So with the help of Manzil Dua for protection, you will get support from Allah. And Inshallah your enemies will be clueless about what you are doing to protect yourself. Because they won’t be able to make any damage to you. But keep that in mind that dua for protection of children from child requires complete focus. And wants you to pray 5 times a day. To fulfill your desires.


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