Dua for protection from Enemy

Dua for protection from Enemy – Surah for enemy wazifa dua to keep enemies away or get rid of from Enemies

Dua for protection from Enemy

  1. Sometimes we have gathered with people who are our enemy in real and may try to harm us.
  2. Therefore, we have to be alert every time and keep an eye on our companion or enemy.
  3. However, we should have to make dua, Wazaif or recite verses regularly for protection dua to keep enemies away or wazifa for the enemy and their evil thoughts.

 Surah for protection from enemies

  1. The beauty of the Quran is that every verse has some benefits or special suggestion for us. Suraah Kusar is the smallest surah of Qur’an but consists of lots of benefits.
  2. Soorah Kausar protects us from the actions of the enemy and makes them our friend.
  3. Therefore, Surah for protection from enemies can bring peace and this is very effective dua for the protection of the enemy.

Dua to keep enemies away

  1. Dua to keep enemies away is the objective of those who are not able to face the enemy of the plot are planning. There are many dua(s) is Quran or Hadith regarding enemies.
  2. However, Dua to keep enemies away help to remove the enemy from our circle or protect from the action for the enemy that can cause harm.

 Wazifa for protection from enemy

  1. Waziifa is the gift leftover by saints or scholars to spread advantages of Holy Quran in every field of life.
  2. However, most of the people grab benefits by performing particular wazaif. If a person observes any suspicion from his enemy.
  3. Then he has to perform Wazifa for protection from enemy and from their wicked move.

  Islamic Wazaif to get rid of enem

  1. Muslim prayers played a vital role in every step of life. Muslim prefer prayers and prayers in every difficulty he faced.
  2. Islam also suggested us to call Allah if you face any trouble.
  3. Therefore, for safety for our enemies, we make Islamic wazifa for enemy to be safe from his deeds. Nevertheless, Allah protects us.
Surah for enemy
  1. Quran is revealed by Allah to the Last Prophet through angel Jibrael on different occasions. Muslim believe that it is the book of guidance.
  2. However, Allah put many cures in Quran verses and dua.
  3. Quranic Surah for enemy can help a person to be protected for the evil move by their enemy and shows them a straight path for spreading love and peace.

For 10 days with the intention that you want your enemy to die, at the same place and same time read Surah Lahab 1000 times everyday. And make a dua


Enemies always try to harm us with their evil plans and they cannot be sincere with us. Wazifa is the basic objective of those who are not able to face the evil plot enemy is planning. There are many verses in Quran Hadis regarding the enemy. However, Allah put many cures in prayers. However, dua to keep enemies away helps to remove the enemy from the circle or protects from the action of an enemy that can causes harm.


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