Dua for mental illness

This is the powerful and effective Quranic wazifa/dua for treatment of mental illness method.

Dua for mental illness

The person suffering from mental illness should perform the following wazifa or if he is not in the state of mind someone else or the person who is taking care of that person can do this for him. Dua is the wish which is done in front of Allah with true intention. Therefore, dua can be performed by anyone in front of Allah and hope that it will have a positive outcome.

Powerful Wazifa for mental illness

Mental illness is very difficult to cure and is very dangerous because the person does not have senes of what he is doing. Therefore, powerful wazifa for mental illness is to take holy water known as aab e zam zam about a liter enough for one patient. The person who is doing the wazifa/dua should be pious saying his prayers five times a day. He should have a legal source of earning and should do this in the state of wudoo in the following way.

Method Dua for mental illness

Following is the method dua for mental illness


  • Durood e Shareef 111 times
  • Surah Fatiha 101 times
  • Surat ul Falaq 101 times
  • Surah Naas 101 times
  • Durood e Shareef 111 times

After finishing this blow it on the obtained Holy Zam Zam water and then offer 2 nafals of qaza e hajat and pray for the patient. Then give this water to the suffering person for eleven days or until cured.

Quranic Dua for mental illness

If a person is mentally disabled or has some mental illness. Then it would be painful for him because he could not do anything for it. Moreover, the cure for illness is a very long process. However, the Quran has the cure of every disease and illness whether it is curable or not. Therefore, Quranic dua for mental illness can help a person to get cure by Quranic verses and get relief from pain and suffering.



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