Dua for love of husband

Dua for love of husband – Dua for love of husband marriage and affection and love between sibling in Urdu

Dua for love of husband can basically be defined as. Spouse and groom are the two basic pillars in order to complete a family. They get married and then the new children are born in their life. So they form a generation basically. And In Islam, there are certain duties for them. So, if there is no love between companion then it is difficult to live life happily and grow well character child. Therefore, dua for love of husband is very important to create love among them.

Dua for love in urdu

Kya apko pata hai ke islam balke is dunya main sab se pehla rishta kon sa tha? Ji han doston wo rishta hai miyan aur biwi ka. Aur isi rishray ke baad dunya agey badhi aur yahan tak pohanch chuki hai. Islam main bhi is rishtay ko bohat ahmiyat hasil hai. Allah tala ne kafi jaga Quran pak main is rishtay ke barey main irshad farmaya hai. Aur iske ilawa hamare pyare Nabi ne bhi is rishtey ke mutalliq bohat si ahadees bayan ki hain. Lekin ye rishta jitna hi khoobsorat hai utney hi masail bhi hotey hain. To masail ke hal ke liye Dua for love in urdu bohat faida mand hai.

Dua for love between siblings

As we know that men are stronger than women and have special qualities so they have more responsibilities. And so as husbands are the guardians of their wives. But what if they are not performing their duties correctly and love each other as suggested. Then their children will not love each other. Therefore, this Dua for love between siblings Inshallah will help all the companion who is facing this issue.

Dua for love in marriage

Marriage is the first most beautiful relation we have from Almighty Allah. And we have so many Quranic Verse and Ahadees regarding the beauty of Marriage. In Quran, Allah said “And one of His signs is that He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest in them. However, he put between you love and compassion; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.” And we know very well that Islam has defined rights for both husband and wife. Therefore, this Dua for love in marriage focuses on the rights and love between them.

Dua for love and marriage

Well, there is a very beautiful Hadees from our Prophet about this relation which says “When husband and wife look at each other with love. Allah looks at them with mercy”. You understand now how much importance Allah and our Prophet has given to this relation. Besides that, there are certain rights for both as well which they both should perform in order to maintain love between their relation. With if anyone is not giving proper attention to their rights so this Dua for love and marriage. Inshallah, the problem will be solved and you will live your life in peace.

Dua for love and affection

Imagine if you buy something to form a particular shop in the market. Then that item is not working properly so I think you will directly go to that shop and ask for repair. That’s exactly the same in this case as well. Marriage is a relation which Allah has created us so we should go to Him when we are in trouble. Or our relation is not going in the right direction. So go to Allah and ask for His mercy upon you. And this is exactly what this Dua for love and affection does for both of you.


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