Dua for black magic removal

Dua for black magic removal – Manzil Ruqyah Dua for removing black magic and jinn removal

In Quran, there are many Surahs which is a weapon against black magic. And we all know the story when our Holy Prophet SAW got affected by the Black Magic. So we have to be careful about this evil act of black magic. Moreover, we have to perform dua if we got affected by this.

Dua for removing black magic

But if anyone got affected by it, he or she can recite Dua for removing black magic. And then dua will take care of you and you will be free from all the effects of black magic. And please be clear about wazifa that wazifa is a way which is totally Halah for Muslims unless black magic.

Wazifa for removing black magic

There is an idiom in the English language that Diamond cuts Diamond. Most of the times this statement is absolutely right. That we have to defeat something with the same level of the weapon. Therefore,wazifa for removing black magic is very effective and competitive to black magic.

Manzil Dua for black magic removal

Many people ask that do we have to counter black magic with the help of black magic itself? No as in Islam we know that black magic is prohibited. Then what we can do we can recite the Manzil Dua for black magic removal. This is the weapon we have against black magic. And this is totally Halal way of countering black magic. And with the support of this wazifa, we break all the effects of black magic.

Dua for black magic and jinn

So now we know about the Jinns. And we know that there are good Jinn and bad Jinn. Because what I said about the good and bad is already mentioned in the Quran which is “Some of us are righteous, and some are less than righteous; we follow various paths”. That is actually the translation of a verse in the Quran. And if any Jinn is behind us and wants to do evil with us. We need to recite Dua for black magic and jinn. This way we can overcome on all the JInns and protect ourselves from their evil desires.


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