Best surah for marriage

Surah Duha Tariq Noor Dahr Qasas Best surah for marriage

The legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship is marriage. Many people are afraid of doing marriage because it brings much responsibility for yourself and your family. But only Allah will give and take the food and wealth. Therefore, we shall not afraid of this and make the best surah for marriage in order to bring peace happiness along with married life.

Surah Duha for marriage

When the person got married then he has to take care of his family and his parents too. That’s why many people delay their marriage so that they can take more time to take responsibility. Therefore, when a person recites Surah Duha for marriage all of their problems and hardships had been removed by blessings of this surah and Almighty Allah.

Surah Tariq for marriage

This surah was revealed in the Mecca. It contains 17 verses. This surah is in the 30th chapter of the Holy Quran. The meaning of Al-Tariq is “The morning star”. Prophet used to recite this beneficial surah at time of dhuhr and asr. Almighty Allah put many blessings and advantages of this Surah. Moreover, in this Surah, there are lots of blessing and Surah Tariq for marriage.

Surah Noor for marriage

Every person wants to enjoy the life of marriage and wants to be a responsible husband and child. But due to any reason, they can not look after their family. Moreover, some face difficulty in marriage life due to the bad behavior of wife and husband or disobedient child. Therefore, Surah Noor for marriage removes all those hardships and every other problem person faced in marriage and marriage life.

Surah Dahr for marriage

Ussually we read any book. Then we put that book aside. But, the Holy Quran is not that book. This Book his revealed due to our guidance and this book bring blessing that not any other does. Holy Quran has many dua, Wazifa, or verses that are beneficial for a marriage. One of them is Surah Dahr. This Surah Dahr for marriage is very effective and helpful in marriage and problems of a person faced in marriage.

Surah Qasas for marriage

Holy Quran is a book of complete guidance and benefits. Quran has nearly every dua for every situation. Quran and Hadith recommended many dua for every aspect of life. However, the best surah for marriage is reciting 24th verse of Surah Qasas. Because, when Hazrat Musa exiled he made this Surah Qasas for marriage which is located in verse number  24 of Surah Qasas.


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