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Duacentre is an Online Islamic organisation created by Respected Scholar &  Spiritual healing expert Mohammad Yousuf Sahab. He provides treatment to all kinds of diseases and problems of worried muslim ummah with the help of highly powerful Quranic verses, Hadith duas, and wazifas from spiritual link . Also provides Quranic Amulets service and high quality Islamic education to people all over the world. It offers all the courses related to pragmatism and spirituality and islamic courses that cannot be found on any other online institute.

For Spiritual treatment | Spiritual healing and solution of any of Your problems You may contact  Amil Mohammad Yousuf Sahab

The founder of this is Respected Scholar and Spiritual therapist (Alim O Amil) Mohammad Yousuf Sahab. He has completed his islamic education from highly qualified teachers and is presently teaching to many of his students worldwide and is also involved in providing spiritual treatment to people worldwide. He has a good experience of 15 years in this field and is an expert in spiritual healing, Wazifa, dua, Ruqya, Naqsh and Amulets. His students are also working in several countries such as India, Pakistan, UK, etc,. under his guidance. He also holds graduation degree.

He is not just a self learned Amil | Spiritual healer like other people are on internet, but he has learnt all the spiritual practices and Islamic Knowledge from well qualified teachers such as Mufti Abdul Subhaan Qadri, Mufti Abdul A’leem Qadri and many other well educated teachers and have also received certification.

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Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi, 75230


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